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Hack Hotmail


Hello, my name is David Alexander Pollock, and I am the founder of this fantastic Hack Hotmail website. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I have been in the computer security industry for over 10 years now and ever since I have discovered this loophole there hasn't been a website or email address that I haven't been able to hack. I have spent the time to develop this new application that Hacks Hotmail Passwords, now that I am releasing it to the public, I am unsure how long it'll last.


- David Alexander Pollock

Hack Hotmail


Hacking Hotmail

If you're impacient and you just want to hack someones hotmail password then feel free to skip this text and go straight through to the hotmail password hacking gateway.

 Alternatively if you would like to know a bit more information about this wonderful hotmail hacking application then I am more than willing to share the knowledge. On one rainy sunday afternoon I was a bit bored and decided that I would finally create an application that would hack into everything. I originally wrote this Hotmail Cracker on my casio graphics calculator and thought it was time to hack the planet with it. Once I started hacking hotmail accounts with it, I got a bit bored, so I have spent the time to create a website that allows everyone to crack anyones hotmail password. So here we're, an application that hacks into hotmail, so lets get a running example of what is happening, then I'll tell you what happens behind the scenes.


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Hack Hotmail

Lets get down to business and hack some hotmail accounts. You may enter the Hack Hotmail Gateway below. Remember this service is 100% Legal, but please remember with great power comes great responsibility, and I am passing all of that responsibility over to you.




Hack Hotmail



This is a free service, hacking hotmail passwords with other methods could be illegal and a federal offence in your country. This method is 100% LEGAL as it bypasses everything by default.



I hold zero responsibility for your actions, just let me know how much fun you had doing so.